The Burnt Orange Team works with your already-great business to showcase your expertise online. We do this by highlighting the quality of your services.

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You do what you do well, and you want others to know this.


Business owners often struggle with showcasing their expertise online. Websites can feel like a lot of work, a lot to learn, a lot of extra things to manage. This is how we can help, but hang on, there's more.


Our websites can provide professionalism, legitimacy, and brand consistency to the business. With their 24/7 online platform, they work for you, even when you don’t. Unlike a business card, newspaper clipping, or Instagram profile, the responsive and interactive format tells your unique story in a modern and intuitive way that your customers will love. This maximizes your brand exposure for new as well as loyal customers.


We help you build and display your brand, but online. When working with us, we provide you with peace of mind about your image as well as the function of your online business. This means, your website will be the center of everything your online image touches--such as social media, Google My Business, etc. Your website is the start of your online presence.


It doesn't matter how SEO friendly your website is, if you are embarrassed by it. We find that many of our clients already have a website. However, their site doesn’t fit their organization, for many of the reasons listed below. 


With our designs, you will proudly hand out your business cards and want to do social media advertising to your website. At the end of our process, you will love and--more importantly--use your website.

We pride ourselves on solving the following:


  • No more embarrassment when showing your site to clients.

  • Frustration about accessing or managing your site is over.

  • Revived design that works with your currently style.

  • Showcasing the full potential of your services.

  • Providing a website that puts your competitors to shame.

  • Brand consistency across all platforms with design boards.

  • Maintenance programs to never have outdated content again.

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Prior to the pandemic, our team was already working from home. As the majority of small businesses and the businesses that seek us out generally have a particular and less-flexible budget, we cater to that need by making very conscientious decisions in our own business plan. Part of hiring an Independent Freelance Web Design Team like ours, vs a Small Creative Firm, is cutting the cost of having a traditional office space. However, we work within this idea to make our websites cost-effective while maximizing efficiency. An example of how we differ is with the tools we use: instead of  Adobe Photoshop, we use Affinity Design. 


The difference in subscription cost keeps our overhead low--while providing the same quality product to you. This, in turn, keeps our margins the same while keeping your cost low. This simple approach has saved our clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by cutting out unnecessary costs. Our office doesn’t have a ping pong table, but we’re okay with that.







Regional Airport

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"Having my new website has been incredible. Nick finished it right before the Covid-19 outbreak, and although I had to close my doors temporarily,  we had the ability to sell physical and electronic products online. Now that everything is set up, I can make most of the changes myself!

Nick is not shy about ideas, to the point that I did some proper consultation with him. I'm now working on getting some better affiliate marketing so I can leverage my rates."

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Isaac Holscher

Warehouse Fitness


"Having my website has been... 

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“I've had the pleasure of working closely with Nick for over 12 years, if you can believe it. I'll keep this short — I entrusted Nick with my business during one of the most sensitive times we ever had in 75 years, and we came out the other side better for it. I am forever grateful to him.”

Jack Kirkham

Kirkham's Outdoor Products


"I've had the pleasure of working...


“It was a pleasure working with Nick from the start. He listened to our needs, and built more than we had expected. His input was always appreciated, and we loved working with him so much that we have him working on the website every month. We couldn’t be happier and can’t say enough good things about the work.”

Lorraine Greenwalt

Western Nebraska Regional Airport

Administrative Assistant

"We couldn’t be happier and...



How does our process work? Every project is a little different, but this is what you should expect if you are to embark on this website journey with us.


Book your FREE one-hour video call consultation

Let's see if we are the right fit. Our team will meet with you over a video call where we learn about what your business needs and what makes it unique. If we both decide it’s a good fit, we will work on a quote and explain the next step in our process of working together.

Let’s get started.

Once we are both committed, you pay 50% of the total cost and we add you to our project calendar. Now it’s official!

Next we set up the Discovery Video Meeting.

In this meeting, we will talk about what the soul of your company really is. What is the root of everything that you do. This will help us make a website that is genuine and unique. This meeting can take a little while, so bring water, snacks, and get comfortable. This is an excellent time to touch base on expectations, bring up any new information, and ask questions. From our end, at this stage of the game, we will need all your business information (words, links, logos, images, etc.) to be able to start on the site.

Burnt Orange gets to work!

We will give you a timeline of when we expect to have something done, but this will vary depending on the size of the project. All you need to do is be attentive to your inbox, in case we have any questions.

Homepage Video Recording

The Burnt Orange team will make sure we are all on the same page and that things are going smoothly throughout the whole process. Once we feel like we are in a good place to show the progress, we will email you a video to explain the reasoning of everything we have done on your website up to this point. We prefer the video format so you can pause, rewind, or share it with your team. Make sure to take notes and let us know what you love or dislike--we value your input.

Finished Website Video Call

At this stage we are 99% done and all we need is your approval. All the t’s should be crossed and i’s dotted, and we are prepping for the launch.

Launch Date!

We do a “soft launch” of your new site without announcing before doing a “hard launch.” This is to make sure everything is in working order and you are comfortable with the changes, prior to advertising your new site to your clients. After about a week, you can go nuts and share your beautiful new site with the world!


A website is but the tip of the iceberg. Once your site is up and running, you will find that your online presence goes much deeper.  You may be in need of additional assistance or services.


Here at Burnt Orange Web Design, we understand that having a full-time web designer or graphic designer on staff can be overkill. Let us bridge the gap. Let us help you take control of your business, from logo rebuilds, basic SEO, seasonal promotions, etc

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We will set up a time (very soon) to have a quick video chat to see what you're about and if we are the right fit. No commitment and if we're not the right fit, we might be able to point you in the right direction.


Right now, you may not have the budget, or you're just doing some research. Take a look at some of these free resources and see if something can help you out.