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Simple and easy-going. We have built this company because we love design, and it makes us happy when clients love it.  It's a vicious cycle that keeps us happy.

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Nick’s education stems from over 12 years of working online at a mom-and-pop shop, doing anything and everything to get that sale. On top of this, he has taken a variety of online and in-person courses from universities to webinars--all regarding business in a digital age. 

Nick has always been interested in both art and computers, and soon discovered it was the design aspect he really enjoyed. He worked in Web and Graphic design at Kirkham’s Outdoor Products, doing anything from website seasonal promotions to full four-page newspaper color ads. Nick eventually became a General Manager and Marketing Manager, overseeing 40+ people, until the company sold. Learn more about his time at Kirkham’s here.

In the Burnt Orange team, Nick is the funny one. Well, at least the punny one. He is motivated by the next coming race: loves 10k’s, Spartans, and gravel biking. When Nick travels, he is always searching for that perfect climbing route or biking road to spend time outdoors.


Mia has been involved in art her entire life. She started with a pencil and some paper as a child and now has a degree in Biomedical Illustration with a minor in Computer Arts from the University of Utah. 

She has been published in multiple journals and books. Websites, in Mia’s eyes, are like a picture book that is telling a story of your businesses. Each scroll providing more and more, so that when the readers hit the end, they fall in love with the main character (your business).

Mia is the fun one. When she isn’t painting, drawing, or working on your business, she enjoys the outdoors--especially sunny days in the mountains. Traveling is a must for her because she is restless. She finds beauty from patterns and microphotography, and brings that creativity into her designs. 

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Esi is the CEO, boss, and delegator. She has five years experience being the D.O.G. (aka Department of Gorgeousness)

She often seems like she is sleeping, but in fact she is keeping a watchful eye. Her job is to make sure that we don’t slack off, but also that we don’t work into the night. She does a great job of letting us know we need a break by standing by the door, staring at her leash. Don’t expect an email from her, but know that she reads every single one.


We will set up a time (very soon) to have a quick video chat to see what you're about and if we are the right fit. No commitment and if we're not the right fit, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

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